St. Anthony Retreat Center

Online 34 Week Retreat in Daily Life

Starts: September 15 @ 7:00pm
Ends: May 11 @ 8:15pm

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Every now and then, life presents us with a unique, powerful and life-changing opportunity that, if we are free to embrace it, will lead to profound inner growth and spiritual transformation.  The retreat staff of St. Anthony Retreat Center is offering just such an opportunity this fall with an on-line 34 week retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, beginning September 15, 2020.   You can make this remarkable retreat experience at home during the ordinary activities of your life.

The requirements of the thirty-four week retreat are basic and simple.  St. Ignatius asks us to:

  • Spend a period in prayer each day
  • Reflect on the material of the exercises throughout the day
  • Keep a prayer journal throughout the retreat.

Meanwhile, during weekly zoom meetings, the retreat team will introduce some very fruitful ways to pray, offer practical tips to get the most out of our prayer time, along with sharing sessions for personal support, encouragement, and the motivation to sustain us in our efforts.  As the retreat team says, “We’re here to help, but it is God who is going to give you the retreat.”    Just imagine what God can do if we are willing to spend time with him and give him access to our hearts each day for 34 weeks?    I can assure you, you will never be the same.

For this retreat you will need the following:34weekretreat-book

  • Bible (both Old and New Testaments)
  • The book Retreat In the Real World
  • A journal
  • A smartphone (such as an Android or iPhone)
  • Laptop or desktop computer with a camera
  • Access to the Internet.

Cost: $50, which covers the cost of the book and materials.

We hope you are curious to learn more about this on-line retreat. For more information, please contact us at (559) 561-4595 or you may register below!  Please share this information with a friend.

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